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KEMI Responds to Flooding in Eastern Kentucky

Flooding in Eastern Kentucky

KEMI extends our sympathy to those who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods resulting from the recent disastrous floods in eastern Kentucky.

KEMI will be suspending cancellations and expirations through September 1, 2022, for policyholders located in the counties directly affected by the flooding.

We are steadfastly committed to supporting policyholders facing financial hardship, in both the short term and throughout the extended recovery process. We will be working closely with agents and policyholders to provide flexible payment terms, revise payroll estimates, or delay premium audits. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted August 2, 2022

KEMI Announces $8.3 Million Policyholder Dividend

The dividend follows an $8.2 million dividend paid in August 2021

Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI), Kentucky’s leading workers’ compensation insurance provider, is issuing a dividend of $8.3 million to eligible policyholders. The dividend is a result of proactive management of claims by KEMI and its policyholders.

“KEMI is one of the few insurance companies in Kentucky that pays dividends to clients,” said Jon Stewart, president and chief executive officer of KEMI. “Our steadfast commitment to responsible financial management is critical for positioning KEMI to give back to our policyholders.”

More than 14,000 policyholders will receive a 10% dividend payment from KEMI. To qualify, policyholders must:

  • Have a current active policy with KEMI.
  • Have had an active policy for all 12 months of 2019.
  • Have had a loss ratio of less than or equal to 65% for the 2019 policy year.

Dividend checks will be distributed throughout the month of August.

Between 2010 and 2021, KEMI issued six dividend payments to policyholders totaling $61 million. Since 2011, KEMI has also systematically lowered noncoal rates by more than 40% resulting in substantial savings for policyholders. Stewart explained, “As a mutual insurance company, we continuously innovate so that we can identify ways to keep rates competitive.”

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

KEMI President & CEO Jon Stewart Joins WCRI Board

Jon Stewart, President & CEO of Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI), has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

WCRI is a national research organization that focuses on improving workers’ compensation systems by providing the public with objective, credible, high-quality research regarding public policy issues related to workers’ compensation. Board members are elected for staggered three-year terms and are responsible for all policymaking activities.

Stewart said that he is “looking forward to serving alongside other industry leaders to help make workers’ compensation systems more efficient and equitable for the benefit of workers and employers.”

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted June 29, 2022

KEMI’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In an industry that has historically employed more males than females, KEMI has been a leader in challenging the status quo. Since KEMI’s formation in 1995, the majority of KEMI’s workforce has been women, and the organizational chart reflects this still holds true nearly three decades later.

“Of 214 career positions, 136 are held by women for a total of 64%,” stated Jon Stewart, President & CEO, KEMI. “If you add together all the years of service of women currently employed by KEMI, the sum is an astonishing number of 1,380 years. That represents an invaluable wealth of knowledge.”

KEMI remains committed to ensuring equitable pay practices, professional development, and career opportunities. “I believe our intentional culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is a major factor that keeps KEMI on the forefront of the workers’ compensation industry in Kentucky,” observed Jon. “As Women’s History Month draws to a close, let’s all celebrate the contributions of our predominantly female workforce and express our appreciation for the vital roles that are key to KEMI’s continued success.”

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted March 31, 2022

KEMI Named a Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher

Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI) scored in the top quartile of large and midsize employers who participated in Gallagher’s 2021 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. KEMI was recognized as an organization that provides innovative solutions for creating organizational structures, workplace policies, and total rewards, which inclusively engage and motivate its employees.

“We compete with nearly 4000 organizations throughout the country that Gallagher surveys, and we were in the top 11%,” said Katy Grachek, Senior Director of Human Resources, KEMI. Katy continued, “I’m very proud of this accomplishment. It demonstrates to employees, applicants, and customers how we’re committed to a holistic wellness approach.”

Gallagher’s Best-in-Class awards recognize employers that excel in supporting their employees’ physical, emotional, career, and financial well-being for better organizational outcomes.

KEMI takes a proactive and structured approach to planning, developing, and implementing comprehensive benefits and HR programs. We believe supporting our workforce builds our overall organizational strength and resilience. 

Hear directly from KEMI employees about the supportive work environment and explore career opportunities today!

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted March 14, 2022

KEMI Responds to Devastating Tornadoes Across Kentucky

Our hearts ache for our fellow Kentuckians who are facing tremendous devastation and tragic loss following the tornadoes that swept across our state.

Effective immediately, KEMI will be suspending cancellations and expirations through January 15, 2022, for policyholders located in the counties directly affected by the tornadoes.

We are steadfastly committed to supporting policyholders facing financial hardship, in both the short term and throughout the extended recovery process. We will be working closely with agents and policyholders to provide flexible payment terms, revise payroll estimates, or delay premium audits.

The KEMI team is committed to providing compassion, care, and support to our customers. To report an injury, please visit or call 1-800-640-KEMI (5364).

KEMI is working with our board and staff to identify organizations that need our assistance. We also ask agents and policyholders to contact us and share other charitable initiatives where KEMI may be able to assist.

Kentuckians are resilient and we take care of each other. Please let us know how we can best serve you in the midst of this difficult time.

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted December 13, 2021

Introducing the New

KEMI is excited to announce that our new website is live! The new site features a new application process, faster performance, and many other enhancements to improve your experience!

KEMI’s top priority with this redesign was to improve the overall user experience, starting with the design and navigation when you first arrive at All static content was revised and refreshed, utilizing a responsive design to significantly improve browser and device compatibility when you visit the site.

Once you log in, your role (agent or policyholder) and administrative status will determine which features are available to you on the new site. Specifically, here are some ways the website will be improving for you:

Agent Enhancements

  • Submitting an application for coverage with KEMI has never been easier! For starters, you will now have the ability to upload an ACORD form that will populate the online application and save you time. The manual entry process has also been upgraded to make it easier to enter and upload documentation.
  • The new site allows same day straight-through processing for applications that meet KEMI’s requirements with payment.
  • Have an agent out of the office? No problem! You may now view all quotes submitted from your agency, regardless of administrator status.
  • Agencies may now have multiple administrators. Agency administrators can easily add and remove users, promote or demote administrators, and update contact information for other users within your agency.
  • Your agency’s book of business with KEMI is now front and center on your home page when you first login, making it easier to select and take action on a policy.

Policyholder Enhancements

  • As a policyholder, you may now register as a non-administrator user and immediately have access to select features, including: Obtain a Certificate of Coverage, Order Coverage Posters, Make a Payment (this feature is also available without logging in), and Report an Injury.
  • If you are a policyholder administrator, you will have access to all policy and claim features, including the ability to View Policy Details, Generate Loss Runs, Manage Alerts, and access the Claims Detail Dashboard. Administrators may also view all submitted injury reports for your business.
  • All policyholder users have access to the new Billing History dashboard for your business, making it easy to view monthly charges, payments applied, and the running balance.
  • Policyholders may now have multiple administrators. Policyholder administrators can easily add and remove users, promote or demote administrators, and update users’ contact information for other users within your business.

Please note that the new site will be compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. You may access the new on other browsers, but some features may not be available.

A.M. Best Affirms KEMI’s A- Excellent Rating

A.M. Best has affirmed the Financial Strength Rating of A- (Excellent) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of “a-” of Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance Authority (KEMI) (Lexington, KY).

The Credit Ratings (ratings) reflect KEMI’s balance sheet strength, which A.M. categorizes as very strong, as well as its adequate operating performance, limited business profile, and appropriate enterprise risk management.

“KEMI is pleased to once again earn an “Excellent” rating for our financial strength and stability,” said Jon Stewart, KEMI President & CEO. “Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of Kentucky businesses and injured workers, and this rating from A.M. Best demonstrates that commitment.”

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted December 9, 2021

KEMI Announces Destiny Award Winners for 2021

Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI) is recognizing 31 Kentucky organizations for their commitment to workplace safety by presenting each of them with the 2021 KEMI Destiny Award.

The Destiny Awards are presented annually by KEMI to policyholders that best exemplify KEMI’s motto, “Control your own destiny.” The awards symbolize what can be accomplished when organizations work together to improve workplace safety. Policyholders who earn the KEMI Destiny Award effectively demonstrate to KEMI their ability to manage a formal safety program, provide on-site training and regular safety meetings for employees, and display an ongoing commitment to safety from all levels throughout their organizations.

The following policyholders were selected after meeting a stringent set of criteria set forth by KEMI:

  • Asbury University
  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Barren County Board of Education
  • Big Rivers Electric Corporation
  • Brandenburg Telephone Company
  • Churchill McGee
  • City of Ashland
  • City of Central City
  • Clark Energy Propane Plus
  • Corbin Independent Schools
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Elizabethtown Board of Education
  • Erlanger Elsmere Board of Education
  • Executive Transportation
  • Frankfort Plant Board
  • Graf Brothers Flooring
  • Hibbs Electromechanical
  • Independence Fire District
  • Industrial Field Maintenance
  • Kentucky State University
  • KI USA Corporation
  • Mercer County School District
  • Metcalfe County Board of Education
  • Northern Kentucky Water District
  • RAJ Transport
  • Russell County Hospital
  • The Corken Steel Products Company
  • Union County Board of Education
  • Union Fire Protection District
  • Warren County Board of Education
  • Western Crane Service

“We are honored to present the 2021 Destiny Award to these outstanding organizations,” said Jon Stewart, President & CEO of KEMI. “Earning the KEMI Destiny Award requires focus, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in safety at all levels. These policyholders understand the importance of maintaining a close partnership with KEMI to control their workers’ compensation costs, but more importantly, they demonstrate a steadfast commitment to ensuring their employees make it home safely at the end of each workday.”

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted November 29, 2021

Treatment of Contract Labor and Subcontractors

The Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Act requires an employer to provide coverage to employees, including employees of any uninsured subcontractor hired. KEMI will collect premium from the policyholder for any employee of an uninsured subcontractor. If the subcontractors have their own workers’ compensation insurance, you must provide KEMI with a valid Certificate of Insurance for the period that work was performed. A KEMI auditor may then make the determination not to charge premium for the insured subcontractors.
Revised Independent Contractor Review Process – Effective January 1, 2022
As stated above, KEMI will collect premium from the policyholder for uninsured contract labor. If a policyholder wishes to consider any portion of their contract labor as an independent contractor(s), the following information is required to assist in the determination of an employment relationship or independent contractor status:
  1. Signed copy of contract detailing independent contractor relationship or copy of bid/proposal for jobs completed by contractor
  2. All invoices for material and labor used during the policy period between insured and the contractor
  3. Valid General Liability certificate of insurance (covering at least 6 months of policy period of insured)
  4. Signed affidavit regarding employees, contract labor, casual labor, or subcontractors used for any of the work performed for the insured

To be excluded from coverage, all information above must be received during the premium audit process and must disprove an employee relationship.

KEMI reserves the right to charge for labor on a contractor, despite having all required information, based on additional information received during the policy period or at final audit.

Please note that KEMI will no longer utilize the Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) for new or renewal policies.

If you have questions about this change, please feel free to contact us.