Maintaining the highest level of ethical business conduct at KEMI is imbedded in our culture.

KEMI is committed to conducting business fairly, ethically, legally and being a model corporate citizen. To that end, KEMI has developed and implemented a Corporate Compliance Program and the foundation of the Program is KEMI’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Illegal or unethical conduct by KEMI or any of its officers, managers or employees will not be tolerated.

If you suspect someone associated with KEMI is involved in illegal or unethical conduct, you may use the form below or call the Business Conduct & Ethics Hotline at 1-855-220-9720. Your message will be received directly by KEMI’s Internal Auditor who reports to the Board of Directors. All reports will remain confidential.

Please provide information about your concerns, including all relevant details such as what happened, when it happened, where it happened, who was involved, and who was present.

Your Contact Information

You may submit your concern anonymously. However, we often find that additional information may be needed to complete an investigation. Providing us with follow-up contact information increases the likelihood of success. All contact will remain strictly confidential.