KEMI made a promise to “make workers’ comp work.”

We fulfill that promise by providing and sustaining financial stability in the ever-changing world of workers’ compensation insurance. We maintain strong claims reserves as a commitment to ensure benefits for claimants now and in the future. We deliver outstanding service and competitive pricing. We also educate Kentucky businesses about workplace safety.

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  • Evaluating an insurance company’s financial strength and stability is one of the most important factors when selecting an insurance provider.
  • A.M. Best ranks KEMI A- “Excellent” for balance sheet strength, operating performance, and business profile.
  • Long-term financial stability means peace of mind for policyholders and injured workers alike. View financial rating details here.
  • For 25+ years, KEMI has been protecting employers while supporting workers through recovery and downtime so they can return to their jobs.
  • Kentucky employers and workers have the assurance their provider is familiar with local industries and potential issues that could impact coverage or the claims process.
  • Experienced policy and claims reps work with policyholders and claimants to navigate through the complexities of workers’ comp for the best possible outcomes.
  • KEMI writes coverage for all classifications and industries throughout Kentucky.
  • The unique needs of each employer are quickly assessed by knowledgeable underwriters to provide workers’ compensation coverage for a competitive rate.
  • A wide range of risk acceptance means coverage can usually be offered when other carriers say no – including new businesses!
  • Flexible payment options are also available to help policyholders better manage business costs.
  • Build a robust safety program with assistance from KEMI.
  • Safety training and inspections are part of the KEMI package to promote workplace safety, reduce incidents, and lower insurance costs.
  • Employers can count on working shoulder-to-shoulder with an on-site team of safety professionals throughout the year to help keep workers safe.
  • An extensive library of free safety resources is available at
  • Online dashboards and other self-service options make managing claims and policies more accessible and convenient.
  • Claims reporting is available 24/7/365 for round-the-clock assistance when incidents occur.
  • Resources for enhancing workplace safety are available for free through a user-friendly website.