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KEMI is making workers' comp work.
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When should an injury be reported to KEMI?

Employers must notify KEMI within three (3) working days of notice of an alleged injury or illness.

How can an injury be reported to KEMI?

Registered users can login to our secure area and submit a First Report of Injury. Policyholders can register at www.kemi.com, by calling 1-800-640-KEMI or by sending an e-mail to answers@kemi.com. If a policyholder is not a registered user injuries should be reported on an IA-1 Form (also known as a First Report of Injury).The first report can be submitted via telephone at 1-800-640-5364, via fax at 859-425-7822 or via mail sent to KEMI at P.O. Box 12500, Lexington, KY 40583-2500.  

Does anything need to be done after a First Report of Injury, IA-1 Form, has been submitted to KEMI?

KEMI's claims staff will contact the policyholder and/or injured worker if additional information is needed. The policyholder and/or injured worker may contact KEMI's claims staff with any questions or concerns by calling 1-800-640-5364.

What types of benefits are provided as a result of a work related injury?

Medical and indemnity (lost wage) benefits may be provided to employees who have a work related injury. The benefits provided for work related injuries vary depending on the specific facts and circumstances of each claim. Please contact KEMI's claims staff at 1-800-640-5364 for questions regarding a specific claim.

How can an injured worker receive medical treatment?

KEMI has partnered with Bluegrass Health Network (BHN), a managed care network, which has medical providers in all 120 Kentucky counties and includes every medical specialty. You can locate a list of primary care doctors by clicking here.

How can an injured worker fill a prescription?

Injured workers should take prescriptions to a pharmacy and tell the pharmacist to bill the prescription through Tmesys. Tmesys is KEMI's third-party pharmacy network provider.

How are indemnity (lost wage) benefits calculated?

There are three types of indemnity benefits: temporary total disability (TTD), permanent partial disability (PPD) and permanent total disability (PTD). Each type of indemnity benefit has a different calculation defined by statute and uses specific information related to the claim. Please contact KEMI’s claims staff at 1-800-640-5364 for questions regarding a specific claim.


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