KEMI works with Mitchell to serve injured workers’ prescription needs.

As the Pharmacy Benefit Manager for KEMI, Mitchell ensures that injured workers receive exceptional care while also working to control rising drug costs and protect our policyholders.

Mitchell offers the following benefits:

Electronic Billing
Injured workers can obtain prescriptions from their pharmacy with little to no wait 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Injured workers and employers have no out of pocket expense.

Advanced Drug Utilization Review Software
Custom software combined with on-staff expert pharmacists monitor for adverse drug interactions and medical counterindications.

Negotiated Pricing
Mitchell partners with pharmacies throughout Kentucky to negotiate aggressive discounts below Kentucky Fee Schedule and create controls to manage the ever-increasing costs of prescription drugs.

Mitchell First Fill Card

The KEMI Workers’ Compensation FIRST FILL Temporary Prescription card helps injured workers receive a 10-day supply of prescribed medications, with no out-of-pocket costs, for work-related injuries.

Download the First Fill Card

Claims Resources for Employers

The following resources highlight several of the benefits policyholders receive when choosing KEMI for their workers’ compensation coverage. For information on other resources available for policyholders, contact us today.

Claims Detail Dashboard

Policyholders may login to access important claims details using our interactive Claims Detail Dashboard.

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Managed Care Network

KEMI’s Managed Care Network through OMCA provides injured workers with quality care.

Learn about Managed Care

Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Our PBM program by Mitchell helps control prescription costs which helps lower the overall premium of the policy.

How We control Rx Costs

Medical Bill Auditing

Our Medical Bill Team makes sure provider services are adjusted to the fee schedule and paid appropriately.

Learn about our process

Loss Control & Safety

Our Claims Team works closely with our Loss Control & Safety Team to investigate and prevent injuries.



KEMI has partnered with Medcor to provide you with an extra level of service when claims arise.

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KEMI has a zero-tolerance policy on workers’ compensation fraud to protect our policyholders and their employees.  Report fraud.