Brandenburg Telephone Co., located on the Ohio River 40 miles southwest of Louisville in Brandenburg, Kentucky, offers telephone, broadband, streaming television, security, and surveillance systems. With 131 employees and workplace safety risks that can be life altering, Commercial Manager Kelly Roberts outlines why safety rules completely dictate a safe-minded culture.

What are workplace safety concerns unique to your industry?
Many of our facilities are aerial and can also be in proximity to high voltage electric lines. Falls and electrical voltage awareness are two primary concerns we address in our safety program. Each can have life-changing repercussions if safe practices are not followed.

What role does safety play in your company’s culture?
Safety is huge in our culture. Safety must be the primary focus of every job in order to embed its importance into every employee’s mind. We created a culture of workplace safety by establishing rules with consequences that are strictly followed from the top down.

What practices have you added to your program that helped improve your safety record?
In 2023, Brandenburg implemented a 4-foot rule on rotating machinery. No employee shall be closer than 4 feet of any rotating auger or guy anchor installation head. We also added an eye protection and glove protection requirement to our common line work program. These additions have reduced our chances of getting hurt around equipment and lessened our risk of eye and hand injuries. We feel these have had a positive impact on our record.

What impacts or benefits have resulted from a strong safety program?
Having a strong safety program benefits a company in multiple ways. Most importantly, it reveals and affirms to employees that the company cares about them and their families. A safe culture creates a sense of security with less stress to the employee resulting in a desirable work environment. This makes a company more efficient with less down time. Fewer accidents have positive financial impacts as well. Listing the benefits of having a strong safety program could go on indefinitely!

How has KEMI assisted in enhancing workplace safety and reducing claims?
KEMI’s free safety resource library is instrumental in providing the substance needed for some of the safety meetings held at Brandenburg Telephone Co. throughout the year. This past year’s safety meetings included topics such as ladder safety, distracted driving, and bucket truck safety, just to name a few.

KEMI’s recognition of energy and resources invested into developing a good safety program is also huge. Recognition is so vital in creating awareness of status among peer companies. Receiving acknowledgment for our efforts working on all fronts gives us incentive to continue those efforts. Maintaining workplace safety reduces claims!

What notable safety milestones or recognition has your organization achieved during the past several years?
Brandenburg Telephone Co. has been very fortunate the past few years in having low accident levels. Our track record is a testament to our employees’ commitment to safety. As a result, we were honored to receive the KEMI Destiny Award in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and we are honored to receive our seventh Destiny Award in 2023!