Heather Collins, head custodian at Garth Elementary within the Scott County Schools system, saved a life on Friday, Jan. 13, by performing the Heimlich maneuver on a child who was choking. See the full WKYT story here. The lifesaving action by Collins highlights the importance of safety training and readiness.

Scott County Schools, a Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI) policyholder since 2012, maintains a steadfast commitment to workplace safety. That commitment is reflected in an excellent safety record for the school system. “They have always trained more people than is required, and this story bringing recognition to Ms. Collins for her quick action is great news,” said Jeff Floyd, Safety & Loss Control manager for KEMI.

KEMI’s safety team recently conducted a training class for school system employees at the Scott County Board of Education office. “We’re committed to promoting safe workplaces,” continued Floyd, “which is why we provide training and resources to all KEMI policyholders at no additional cost.” KEMI Policyholders are encouraged to contact safety@kemi.com to schedule safety training classes and to access safety resources at worksafeky.com.