KEMI is excited to announce that our new website is live! The new site features a new application process, faster performance, and many other enhancements to improve your experience!

KEMI’s top priority with this redesign was to improve the overall user experience, starting with the design and navigation when you first arrive at All static content was revised and refreshed, utilizing a responsive design to significantly improve browser and device compatibility when you visit the site.

Once you log in, your role (agent or policyholder) and administrative status will determine which features are available to you on the new site. Specifically, here are some ways the website will be improving for you:

Agent Enhancements

  • Submitting an application for coverage with KEMI has never been easier! For starters, you will now have the ability to upload an ACORD form that will populate the online application and save you time. The manual entry process has also been upgraded to make it easier to enter and upload documentation.
  • The new site allows same day straight-through processing for applications that meet KEMI’s requirements with payment.
  • Have an agent out of the office? No problem! You may now view all quotes submitted from your agency, regardless of administrator status.
  • Agencies may now have multiple administrators. Agency administrators can easily add and remove users, promote or demote administrators, and update contact information for other users within your agency.
  • Your agency’s book of business with KEMI is now front and center on your home page when you first login, making it easier to select and take action on a policy.

Policyholder Enhancements

  • As a policyholder, you may now register as a non-administrator user and immediately have access to select features, including: Obtain a Certificate of Coverage, Order Coverage Posters, Make a Payment (this feature is also available without logging in), and Report an Injury.
  • If you are a policyholder administrator, you will have access to all policy and claim features, including the ability to View Policy Details, Generate Loss Runs, Manage Alerts, and access the Claims Detail Dashboard. Administrators may also view all submitted injury reports for your business.
  • All policyholder users have access to the new Billing History dashboard for your business, making it easy to view monthly charges, payments applied, and the running balance.
  • Policyholders may now have multiple administrators. Policyholder administrators can easily add and remove users, promote or demote administrators, and update users’ contact information for other users within your business.

Please note that the new site will be compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. You may access the new on other browsers, but some features may not be available.