In an industry that has historically employed more males than females, KEMI has been a leader in challenging the status quo. Since KEMI’s formation in 1995, the majority of KEMI’s workforce has been women, and the organizational chart reflects this still holds true nearly three decades later.

“Of 214 career positions, 136 are held by women for a total of 64%,” stated Jon Stewart, President & CEO, KEMI. “If you add together all the years of service of women currently employed by KEMI, the sum is an astonishing number of 1,380 years. That represents an invaluable wealth of knowledge.”

KEMI remains committed to ensuring equitable pay practices, professional development, and career opportunities. “I believe our intentional culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is a major factor that keeps KEMI on the forefront of the workers’ compensation industry in Kentucky,” observed Jon. “As Women’s History Month draws to a close, let’s all celebrate the contributions of our predominantly female workforce and express our appreciation for the vital roles that are key to KEMI’s continued success.”

Media Contact:
Ryan Worthen
KEMI Communications

Posted March 31, 2022