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KEMI is making workers' comp work.
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When KEMI started doing business
we made a promise to Kentucky.

KEMI made a promise to "make workers' comp work."® We fulfill that promise by providing and sustaining financial stability in the ever-changing world of workers' compensation insurance. We maintain strong claims reserves as a commitment to ensure benefits for injured workers now and in the future. We deliver outstanding service and competitive pricing. We also educate Kentucky businesses about workplace safety.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about how we're fulfilling our promise.

 We are Financially Stable

Evaluating an insurance company's financial strength and stability is one of the most important responsibilities a customer has when selecting an insurance provider. KEMI is rated A- "Excellent" by A.M. Best for our balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile. Learn more about our financial rating here.

The long-term financial ability of KEMI provides peace of mind to policyholders and injured workers alike. Repeated affirmation of KEMI's "Excellent" rating by A.M. Best and clean financial audits from KEMI's independent auditors and the Department of Insurance confirm the continued solvency of the organization.

 We Offer Competitive Rates

Policyholders who meet certain criteria are eligible to receive our preferred rates which may save thousands of dollars annually.

 We Provide Outstanding Service

We are proud to be a Kentucky company serving other Kentucky companies and believe our commitment to customer service sets KEMI apart from our competition. When you call KEMI during business hours, you'll always get a person on the other end.

Our commitment to our policyholders doesn't stop there. KEMI utilizes highly-advanced tools and technology to find additional savings for policyholders and provide additional benefits for injured workers. KEMI's medical bill review process saves millions of dollars each year by identifying coding errors or duplicate billing from medical providers. KEMI's pharmacy benefit management (PBM) program allows us to provide injured workers the highest standards of care available throughout the lifecycle of their claim. It also helps us monitor prescription drug trends and identify potentially dangerous drug-to-drug interactions.

Our customers' satisfaction is a key measure of our success and we strive to exceed their expectations.

 We Offer Free Safety Resources

KEMI's Loss Education & Safety Team provides support and education to assist policyholders in establishing and maintaining effective loss control and safety programs. These services help reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries which can lead to lower workers' compensation premiums.

KEMI has safety representatives across the state whose services are provided at no additional cost as part of your KEMI policy.

Learn more about our loss education resources and safety services here.

 Our Website Saves Time and Money

Our website is unlike any you'll find!

In addition to our Employers' Guide, Safety Resources, Frequently Asked Questions, Annual Reports and much more, KEMI.com provides tools for requesting quotes, submitting applications, filing claims, and making premium payments. Registered users can also complete audits, obtain certificates of insurance, and view, print, or download loss runs.


Learn More | Want to get a quote for coverage? Contact us today.


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