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KEMI is making workers' comp work.
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Welcome Agents! KEMI is the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Kentucky. We recognize the importance of agent relationships to our success and developed KEMI.com with you in mind. Be sure to check out the comprehensive list of features and services that registered agents can use to help save time and money!



New Online Tools Available for Agents and Policyholders

KEMI now offers policyholders the ability to access our brand new Claims Detail Dashboard (see a video preview here)! With the new dashboard, you can:

  • See a visual depiction of claims activity by year
  • Customize the data to show specific years, types of losses, and claims statuses
  • Organize data and identify trends
  • Export reports to PDF or Excel

Access Improved Loss Runs

  • Users can request loss runs for a specific policy period or group of policy periods
  • Users can customize based on claim status
  • Reports can be easily exported to PDF or Excel

Receive Claims and Policy Email Alerts

  • Users can choose to be notified via email when specific claims and policy triggers are activated
  • Alerts are customizable to specific user needs and can be edited easily
  • Alerts are sent within one business day of the trigger
  • The alert email contains a direct email link to the assigned underwriter and/or claims examiner associated with the alert

Click here to learn how to activate these new features.


Wondering just how much coverage might cost? Check out this recently enhanced tool to get an instant premium estimate showing KEMI’s standard and preferred rates. After creating a quote registered users can avoid the hassle of retyping basic information and begin the submission process by converting the quote to an application with one simple click! With our recent enhancements, this tool is now exclusively for KEMI.com registered users.

Online Application
Want to ensure your application is submitted in the most efficient manner possible? The Online Application feature is quick, easy to use, and provides the ability to upload documents and make payments electronically.

Quick Pay is the fastest, easiest way to make payments on your policy! In addition to paying by check online, customers can also make payments utilizing Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

Download KEMI Forms
Go to the downloadable forms link in our Tools section to download and print the form you need! You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Direct Deposit for Agent Commissions
Agents can have their commissions deposited directly into their bank account. To take advantage of this convenient process, simply fill out and return our Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

View Agent Commissions
Agents who are registered and logged in on KEMI.com can view their commission history with us.

Maintain Your Book of Business
Agents can view their entire KEMI book of business when logged in! You will be able to view all current policies you placed with KEMI.  And, by simply clicking on a policy number, you can view policy information.


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